You have never eaten a gooseberry, no, it’s a big job, it’s a small Karonda, the benefits will say, ‘Now you have to eat’

Health Benefits of Karonda: Eating gooseberry is very beneficial for health. It is a sour fruit called cranberry in English. Karunde is eaten both fruit and vegetable. Gooseberry fruits are used for vegetables and pickles. It is a bush-like plant. Its scientific name is Carissa Carendus (Carissa carandus).

Gooseberry is rich in many properties, considered a good source of antibiotics, as well as rich in iodine. It is also beneficial to drink its juice. If the juice is bitter in drinking, you can also add sugar to it. The gooseberry used as chutney, pickle and murabba is good for taste as well as health. Consuming this fruit rich in vitamin C relieves many diseases.


Many medicinal properties are found
Gooseberry is always a green bush. The raw fruit of the karunde is bitter, sour and delicious. It is a small fruit, but has a lot of medicinal properties.  Its fruits, leaves and root bark are used medicinally. The fruits of the karodas turn black after ripening. This is why it is also known as krishnapak fruit. Based on the treatment, it contains a proper amount of citric acid and vitamin C. It has a wonderful ability to destroy many common diseases.

Gooseberry, white and light are red and pink in colour. It is sour in taste. It happens in the summer season. It is also used as chutney, jam and juice. Let us know how gooseberry is beneficial for our health.

To prevent cancer
The prothosinidine is high in karonda. It prevents cancer cells from growing. It has anti-cancer properties. These prevent cancer cells from growing.

For bone strength
Gooseberry is high in calcium. It helps in strengthening the bones.

For Glowing Skin
They work to improve the skin. Gooseberry has vitamin C and antioxidant properties. So you can also consume it for the skin. In this case you add two teaspoons of oil to honey and wash it off with plain water later. Doing so will benefit.

Hair growth
Gooseberry contains vitamin C and vitamin A. It helps hair grow. You can consume its juice regularly. Your hair will get vitamins and it will become healthy.


To lose weight
Gooseberry is high in fiber. Consuming it makes it feel full for a long time. You can consume its juice regularly. These can help in weight loss.

The mind will be good
It helps in removing aging related problems such as lack of concentration etc. Gooseberry contains phytonutrients and antioxidants. This improves memory. Because the canonde has antioxidant properties, it not only sharpens memory but also enhances understanding.

Karunde Juice Is Very Beneficial For Gums
Gooseberry helps in curing mouth diseases. Karunde juice is very beneficial for gums. Consuming its juice relieves gum problems. Regular use of it in any form is of great benefit to people who have bad breath or infection of pyria.


Keep the heart healthy
Gooseberry juice also gives a lot of benefit in heart diseases.  Its regular intake keeps cholesterol levels balanced and significantly reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Body weakness does away
The bark of the root of the karunde is bitter and hot by nature. It helps in reducing phlegm and vata, helping to reduce cough, excessive urination and removing normal durability.

These are the nutrients found
Gooseberry is rich in nutrients with protein 1.1 to 2.2, vitamin C1. 6 to 17.9 mg per 100 grams and minerals especially iron elements 39.1 mg per 100 g calcium 21 mg per 100 g phosphorus 38 mg per 100 g.


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