Winty Green Tea Divine Tulsi + Ginger With Lemon Grass with Assorted Flavors for Immunity Booster and Healthy Benefits 25 bags Each Pack of 2

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Product Description

All flavour of wintyAll flavour of winty

Benefits of green teaBenefits of green tea

antioxident  improvs metabolism boost immuityantioxident  improvs metabolism boost immuity

wide range of flavourswide range of flavours

how to usehow to use

Weight Loss



Natural Jasmine Flavor,Natural Rose Flavor

‎Green Tea Leaves

Mint Leaves,Chamomile Flower,Carom Seed,Fennel Seed

Rose Petals Flavor(Natural)

Crushed Basil Leaves,Basil Flavor(Natural)


Relaxed Body and Mind.

Boost the Immunity.

Improve Digestion System.

Glowing Skin and Relaxed Body.

Reduces Stress, Lowers Cholesterol, Eliminates Toxins from the Body.

Immunity Booster


Lemon Flavor(Natural)

Ginger,Lemon Grass

‎Green Tea,Cardamom,Cinnamon,Cadamom Flavor(Natural),Clove Flavor(Natural)

Green Tea,Natural Lemon Flavour,Natural Honey Flavour

Green Tea,Mint Flavor(Natural),Cardamom Flavor(Natural)


Improve Metabolism

Cure Bad Breath, Promotes Digestion, Makes you Relaxing

Boost Energy & Immune System, Cleanses & Detoxifies the Body.

Supporting Various Functions of Immune System.

Speeds up Body Metabolism and Fat Burn Rate.


Divine tulsi Contains antioxidants which help strengthen the immune system. Helps in boosting metabolism and thus may help weight control.
The ginger clears your body of toxins, the lemongrass stimulates your system and the green tea stimulates your metabolism, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.
Both ginger and lemongrass are anti-inflammatory herbs, Cure bad breath, Promotes digestion, Makes you relaxing, Boosts weight loss, Relieves cold and cough.
An uplifting brew made from finest green tea that is blended beautifully with citrusy flavors of lemongrass and makes a delicious perfect afternoon tea.Enjoy your brew enriched with green tea and lemongrass flavor.


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