Where Does Green Tea Come From and Why Are People Crazy About It?

Although tea has been a popular drink for thousands of years, green tea is currently gaining such fame, especially in India. Due to its properties, green tea has found a place in the kitchens of almost every high and middle class home.

A sip of green tea is believed to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate our body. That is, apart from a cup of hot green tea, nothing can calm your mind, soul and body.

But do you know where it came from and how it became a special choice for people?


If not! So let’s know-

The leaves of’ Camellia sinensis ‘ is the basis 

It would not be wrong to say what the one who did not taste the tea tasted…Whatever the colour of tea, green or black, it has the same purpose as refreshing our mood.

It is made from a tree called Kamelia sinensis. There are many varieties of Camellia sinais. Originally grown in East Asia, this plant can grow as much as a shrub or tree.

Currently ‘Kamelia sinensis’ grows throughout Asia as well as in some parts of the Middle East and Africa. Not only has tea reached the kitchens of people around the world, but its plant has also grown in many parts of the world.

Especially ‘green tea’ is made entirely from the leaves of ‘Camellia sinensis’, which undergo minimal oxidation during processing. That is, green tea is made from undiluted leaves.

On the one hand,’ green tea ‘ is associated with the culture of China. At the same time, Japan has been its focal point. In this journey, it is now associated with many cultures across Asia.

Camellia Sinensis Leaves (Pic: Yaletown)

An interesting journey from China

There is a story about the trend of’ green tea’. According to this, one day some dry leaves came and fell in a cup of hot water placed in front of Emperor Shan nung of China. The water came in colour and when they sipped it, they liked its taste very much. Then they made their choice of what it was and that’s where the green tea journey started.


This story is told about 2737 years before Christ.

Let’s say that the first mention of the tradition of tea drinking is found in 350. Thus, green tea originated in China, which was later related to many cultures in the Middle East, from Japan to Asia.

Green tea is the only form of organic tea grown in the mountainous region of Fujian province, China. The White and oolong tea here is also world-renowned for its properties. Coastal mountain areas are suitable for these teas.

One thing greyteen is growing all year round, but its best copals come out in spring and summer. This is why the leaves for fine tea are selected in this season.

First in India, in 1815, some English travelers noticed tea bushes growing in Assam. This made the local people drink a drink. In 1835, Lord bantik, the governor of India, formed a committee to explore the possibility of introducing and producing tea traditions in India.

As a result, tea plantations were started in Assam and green tea became the choice of Indians.

A Cup Of Green Tea (Pic: Wikipedia)

Indian market is a big business

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It is also not based on the production of green tea in India. The most popular ‘green tea’ of the entire world is Darjeeling or the mother caste, which is known as Indian shampooing.

Woman Enjoying Green Tea (Pic: Baggout)

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Green Tea Help You In Reducing Weight (Pic: nutrimentdiet)

That’s because it helps them digest food and keeps them from heart disease!

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