Vegetables to remain fresh for a long time in summer without fridge, adopt these home tips

kitchen tips to save food items without fridge home tips to keep fresh vegetables in summer season for long time pcup | Vegetables to remain fresh for a long time in summer without fridge, adopt these home tips

Kitchen Tips: When you go to the market or buy household items, you bring about a week’s worth of goods. When the temperature is low, it lasts for several days, but storing vegetables and fruits (Vegetables And Fruits) in the summer season causes them to rot in no time. We’ll show you tricks that vegetables can be kept fresh for a long time even without a fridge.

Fresh will remain even if it is not refrigerated

If you live in a hostel or PG away from home and you haven’t bought a fridge yet. Or those who have a fridge in their house and have a damaged or light problem. Even when there were no fridges, some measures were adopted to protect the food items.

But you don’t have enough time to buy vegetables or other items every day. So we will try to solve this problem through these few tips. So that vegetables can stay fresh for longer without a fridge. So let’s know how things can be kept safe without fridges.

Ways to keep vegetables fresh

Vegetables can be cut and dried in smoke to protect them from bacteria. Sunlight makes vegetables healthy as well as tasty. In fact, drying produces water from vegetables and adds to its taste. Do not keep vegetables around gas or incense to keep them fresh.

Green Leafy Vegetables
Green leafy vegetables are at risk of spoiling quickly. In this case, keep them fresh for a long time and not spoil, clean them and separate the bad leaves from them. If you want to keep the vegetables fresh, cut them first and dry them lightly. Place the vegetables in separate bags. This will not spoil the vegetables quickly even if they are not refrigerated. Also, do not place the vegetables in the basket one on top of the other.

Keep them fresh too
Wrap vegetables like cucumber, capsicum, sahajan, brinjal in a wet cotton cloth to keep them fresh for longer. Capsicum will remain fresh for longer.

Cut the top of the carrot to keep it Fresh for longer and place it in an air tight container. This will keep the carrots fresh for several days. Keep in mind that there is a dry box which does not have moisture.

curry leaf
Fry the curry leaves in oil to keep them fresh. This way it can be kept up to a week. But keep in mind that it is placed in an airtight container.

Tomatoes are used in every household. To keep the tomatoes fresh, place them in a plastic bag and make small holes in the bag. Tomatoes in vegetables are the fastest perishable vegetables. We usually store it in the fridge to prevent it from spoiling quickly, but still they start spoiling after a few days in the fridge. In this case, you can cut the tomatoes into slices and roast them to store them for a long time. Store roasted tomatoes in a container with olive oil.


Garlic, Onion and Aloo
Keep vegetables like garlic, potatoes and onions in a cold place to keep them fresh for a long time. Keep garlic hanging in a jute bag to let it air well. This keeps garlic fresh for longer. Never keep potatoes and onions together. Protect them from the sun as well. This will prevent them from germinating. This will not spoil the onions for long.


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