This jalebi-like fruit is very beneficial for health, learn its 5 benefits


New Delhi: Jungle jalebi is very beneficial for health as well as health. The elements present in it work to protect our body from various diseases. The highlight of jungle jalebi is that it strengthens disease resistance.

Also known by these names
Wild jalebi is also known as Vilayati Tamarind, Ganga Jalebi, Mithi Tamarind, Deccan Tamarind, Manila Tamarind, Madras Thorne. Wild jalebis came from Mexico and became engrossed in the forests of our country.

A hug is like a jalebi in taste
Science has given the botanical name of Jungle Jalebi Pithecellobium Dulce and their relationship is linked to peas due to its baleiness instead of the name. Therefore, it is considered to be of pea species. Its fruit turns white and red when cooked and tastes sweet like a jalebi to suit the name.

Jungle jalebi has these properties
Jungle jalebi is rich in vitamin C, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thymine, riboflavin. Its bark heals from decoction to dysentery.

These countries also have famous
Wild jalebi was well received in Southeast Asia during its journey from Mexico to India. So its descendants are flourishing in all the countries here. In many countries like the Philippines, it is not only eaten raw but is also useful in making a variety of dishes.

Immunity booster is jungle jalebi
Jungle jalebi contains a lot of vitamin C. Its regular intake also increases immunity. It is also known as the tremendous immunity booster and we need to increase the immunity the most in this corona epidemic.

Diabetes is beneficial
Jungle jalebi also treats diabetes. It is said that sugar is controlled if jungle jalebi is eaten regularly for a month.

Beneficial for eyes
Jungle jalebi has also been considered useful in skin diseases and eye irritation. Experts point out that the leaf juice of this tree acts as a painkiller.

Disclaimer – All health related information in this article is written for informative purposes. It should not be treated for a disease or as a medical advice. We don’t claim that the tips mentioned here will be completely effective. Be sure to consult a doctor before trying any tips or suggestions given here.




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