These 2 Tea Will Reduce Your Body Weight Know Here Easy Method and Amazing Benefits Bump | Health News

These 2 Tea Will Reduce Your Body Weight Know Here Easy Method and Amazing Benefits Bump | Health News: These 2 Teas Will Lose Weight Faster, Learn the Easy Way to Make and Miraculous Benefits!

  1. New Delhi: People don’t do anything for weight loss. Someone sweats for hours in the gym and someone runs several kilometers on an empty road. Even then, the weight does not lose. The reason behind this could be your diet. In this news, we’re giving you information about two teas that you can consume to lose weight faster. In fact, most Indians don’t start the day without tea.
  2. Milk tea is so popular that many people drink four or five cups of it a day, causing problems like gas, bloating as they gain weight. You can lose weight in a few weeks by consuming regularly the two teas we are giving you information about today.
  3. 1. Consume green teaYou can consume green tea for fast weight loss. Because green tea contains a natural phenol antioxidant called catachen, which helps burn extra fat in the body. It also gives more energy to the body, which helps in prolonged exercise and reduces weight. Prepare green tea like this at homefirst take a glass of water in a pan
  4. .Now put it on a low flame to heat.When the water is lightly heated, add tulsi leaves.Add ginger to water after tulsi leavesAdd fenugreek seeds to water after gingerNow add cinnamon to itNow let this water boil on a low flame for 2 to 3 minutesThen strain it into a cup and consume2. Consume black teaAs soon as the name of black tea comes up, there is talk of milkless tea in Jehan.
  5. We would like to see that people who are addicted to drinking more tea should drink black tea. A study has revealed that polyphenols present in black tea prevent the body from absorbing fat, preventing fat problems and does not lead to weight gain. It also helps in burning fat.
  6.  How to Make Black Tea at HomeBlack tea making is very easy. Add half a teaspoon of tea leaves to a cup of water for this. Keep to boil for a while. When the water boils and remains close to a quarter less, strain the tea.Then sip it hot. This can lead to faster weight loss.


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