Summer Makeup Tips: Eat these things while doing summer makeup You will be in beauty, double refined

Summer Makeup Tips know here Easy tips for summer makeup brmp | Summer Makeup Tips: Eat these things while doing summer makeup You will be in beauty, double refined

New Delhi: If you are fond of makeup or in a job where you have to wear makeup on your face every day, this news can be of use to you. There is a need to be very careful before doing makeup in summer, as there is a fear of damage to makeup from sweat and oil on the skin. In this news we are telling you some basic things to remember while doing summer makeup.

In fact, makeup is also an art that not everyone knows. If the makeup is done well, the beauty adds four moons, while if there is any deficiency, Sara’s whole look is spoiled. It is very important to remember a few things if you are going to wear makeup in the summer. Knowing about these things will also make you the perfect makeup queen.

1. When doing summer makeup you first use a concealer on the skin to hide facial blemishes. Because it easily hides stains and makes the face look natural. You don’t have to use the foundation in the summer, because it makes your face quite heavy. So you don’t feel natural in look.

3. After the concealer you apply compact, but you have to remember that the skin tone itself is to be used compact, otherwise the color of the face and other body parts will vary. Summer light makeup itself looks good, so two coats of compact are enough.

4. After making the casino, you should now raise the cheek bones using powder blusher. Use light colour so that your face looks absolutely natural. Tell you that pink and light brown blusher is usually used the most.


5 After doing the embroidery, you should now wear the makeup of the eyes. First apply compact under the eyes, so that the skin looks clean and the oil is gone. Then apply liner and mascara. Lastly you apply mascara. Keep the mascara light on the edges and deep in the middle. This makes the eyes look more beautiful.

6. After applying eye makeup, you finally apply lipstick on the lips. Use mattisy lipstick for this. You can apply peach and pink shades in addition to nude shades. Because in summer these are considered better options.



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