SPRIG TE.A Gtea & Oriental Ginger, 17 g (Pack of 25) + SPRIG TE.A Green Tea & Tulsi, 12 g (Pack of 25)

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SPRIG TE.A Gtea & Oriental Ginger, 17 g (Pack of 25)
Oriental teahouses are really apothecaries as traditional Chinese medicine (tcm), exemplifies the truism ‘let food be thy medicine’. besides, they also combine theatre and acrobatics for a wholesome beverage experience. The practical of consuming carefully chosen ingredients to balance the ‘qi’ or the universal, dynamic life force is ubiquitous in the orient, to this day. Ginger is a time-honoured herb known for its rejuvenating, soothing and invigorating qualities. Ginger is believed to activate the bodies internal ‘yang qi’ (hot energy), to promote balance and harmony. Nutrients a green tea & oriental ginger builds on this tradition by creating a uniquely delicious blend of fresh green tea, young ginger and a touch of fresh lime. A warming and spicy cup of this delicious nutrients a will lift your spirits and will even work its magic, whenever your tummy needs a little taming.

SPRIG TE.A Green Tea & Tulsi, 12 g (Pack of 25)
We all need some balance in life. This remarkable everyday nutrients a is a tonic for overall wellness. The combination of green tea and tulsi provides an array of benefits in every cleansing and healing cup. Tulsi is extolled in the ayurveda, as a potent agent that supports the immune system, provides anti-oxidants and helps ease stress. Green tea is the mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine and is known to improve energy levels and promote a healthy metabolism. Balance may be consumed every day, supporting your quest for a healthier and more robust you.

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