Side Effects of Green Tea

Side effects of green tea
Because it contains caffeine, high doses of green tea can cause insomnia, stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea and frequent urination in some people.
Green tea contains tannins, so if you drink green tea before meals, you may experience abdominal pain, nausea or constipation.
Catechins in green tea can reduce the absorption of iron from food.
If you are taking prescription drugs, you must make sure that green tea does not interfere with any medication.
How to make green tea – How to make green tea
Boil the water first.
Then put green tea leaves or tea bags in a cup.
Add a teaspoon of leaves or a tea bag to a cup.
Then pour the boiled water directly into this cup. Stir the tea once.
Cover the cup of tea for one to two minutes.
Tea can be bitter if left for more than two minutes.
After that, squeeze the tea or remove the tea bag.

Add black pepper and ginger to green tea; Increase immune system!

The right time to drink green tea – when to drink green tea
Avoid having green tea first thing in the morning and don’t take it before breakfast.
Drink green tea one hour after breakfast and lunch.
Don’t drink green tea late at night as the caffeine in it can cause insomnia. (Read more – Home Remedies for Insomnia)
It is said that green tea should be drunk at least half an hour before exercise. It has been found that green tea improves your performance level and increases your strength.

So you find that a cup of green tea is a great way to start your day and stay healthy.

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