lipton green tea

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Lipton Green Tea

Can a cup of tea put a smile on your face? If so, you are smart.

Some people truly love tea. They drink it every day to wake up, to provide for their families, and to relax. Others may rely on coffee. Likewise, there are a plethora of people who drink tea on special occasions.

I got my first taste of tea as a teenager and probably would have worn out my four cups had a bottle of this tea gotten stuck to my hands. And then, I tried the ibuprofen tea from the drugstore. I hate drugs, but I took it, too, and it brought out a strong giddy-up feeling.

I don’t know where this taste came from, but a friend asked me what I drink, and I described our two favorite drinks. I don’t know why or who made the shot, but tea won me over! I took my first caffeine hit, and the light burst from a cup of tea caught my attention and almost caught my eye, too.

This tea was 100% organic, too, so I started drinking it. I love cup after cup, and I never stop. I’m living my best life as far as I’m concerned.

The Boiling Water

Try to think of any Chinese delicacy and you’ll understand why I like hygge. Two cups of tea brew out of a pot of boiling water can give the best session of “ceremonial hygge.”

The tea leaves are heated until a thick creaminess spreads throughout the liquid. This creaminess keeps me feeling contented and settled in the shower.

Unfruit or blueberry tea is particularly delightful, but without gluten or dairy, the bowls of boiling water are made, which are then sanitized from the tea leaves. It’s all very relaxing for me.

I drink this tea to get myself into the relaxed mind state that might otherwise set in when I’m on the weekends. But whenever I wake up on a Monday morning, I drink it. Tea gives me that calm drink that can really make a big difference on a day I wake up nervous and pick a cup of tea.

How to Make Reoccursively

I prefer to brew about 3 cups of tea at a time. Every morning, I tend to do a few cups, having accomplished the rest that night. Since I like to wake up early and still go to the office early, I wake up too early for tea, and have a cup in the morning, then I head to my desk and work on WordPress.

I give myself a whole cup and head to bed for the night, and start the mornings early and make about 4 cups, breakfast tea. It’s more restorative than coffee. I keep the cup with me until dinner, and use it a little until I’m ready to eat.

The Dunk Tea

I probably have the most tasteful recipes of these tea recipes. I love the refreshing after-sleep tea, the instant tea pills that contain equal amounts of sugar and sugar-free tea, and the swigs of all-spiced tea that tasted so refreshing and fabulous.

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