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Lipton Green Tea benefits 16 Benefits of Green Tea, Recipes and Disadvantages – All About Green Tea Green tea benefits are undeniable when it comes to fitness and health. Green tea is on the rise worldwide due to its health benefits. Several studies on this have also highlighted its medicinal properties, which we will discuss in this article by StyleCraze. This article not only highlights the benefits of green tea but also shares the use of green tea and the necessary information related to it. At the end of the article, the disadvantages of green tea are also mentioned.


Lipton Green Tea benefits you in all sorts of ways:

Readers note that even though there are many benefits of green tea, it cannot be considered a medical treatment for any disease included in the article. The benefits of green tea can only play a helpful role in preventing physical problems and reducing their effects to some extent.

16 Benefits of Green Tea, Recipes and Disadvantages – All About Green Tea
16 Benefits of Green Tea, Recipes and Disadvantages – All About Green Tea

What is Green Tea?
Before we give information about green tea benefits. We tell our readers about what green tea is. Green tea is made from the camellia sinensis plant. The leaves of this plant are used not only in making green tea but also in other types of tea such as black tea, but green tea has been seen to have the biggest impact on human health. If you talk about green tea and black tea, even if they meet the same plant, the way they are made is different. Steam is given immediately after breaking the fresh leaves to produce green tea so that green tea is well manufactured. This process preserves natural polyphenols that promote health (1). On the other hand, it contains more catechin than black and olong tea, which is a type of antioxidant (2). The article will further explain its medicinal properties and its health benefits.


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Benefits of Green Tea for SkinFind out what green tea is, then find out more about the types of green tea.

Types of Green Tea – Types of Green Tea

There are many types of green teas available in the market, but it is not possible to tell about everyone. So, below we are giving information about some types of green tea.

Jasmine Green-Tea
Moroccan Mint Green-Tea
Gain Macha Green-Tea
Dragon Well Green-Tea
Housie’s Green Tea
cookie green tea
sencha green tea
gyokuro green-tea
bilochan green-tea
macha green tea
If there is a dilemma by reading the names of these green teas, let us tell you that they will be easily available in the nearest supermarket or online.

Now it’s time to learn about the benefits of green tea.


Benefits of Green Tea – Benefits of Green Tea
Benefits of Green Tea There are many. It can help control obesity and diabetes as well as somewhat helpful in preventing the risk of a deadly disease like cancer (2). Benefits of green tea can be effective for internal health as well as skin and hair. Below is a detailed detail about the physical benefits of green tea.

Read below what benefits of green tea can be for health.

1. Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea can be beneficial in losing weight. The antioxidants present in it can help you lose weight by increasing metabolism. According to a research published on the NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information) website, moderate intensity exercises with green-tea drinking can promote fat oxidation (fat burning), which can help control obesity (3). In addition, consuming a mixture of catechin and caffeine present in green tea in another study can show some what positive effects it can have in weight loss and weight balance (4). For more information, readers can also read our Green Tea article for weight loss.

On the other hand, according to another research, the weightloss effect of green tea in obese people has been found to be significantly lower (5). In such a situation, it is not advisable to depend completely on green tea to lose weight, but it is also necessary to have the right diet, regular exercise and yoga.



2. Benefits of drinking green tea for the brain
Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for the brain. In fact, a research on the subject has revealed that green tea can reduce anxiety as well as improve brain functioning. In addition, it can also show a positive effect in increasing concentration. The research states that all these benefits can be combined with caffeine and L-thanine (l-theanine – a type of chemical) present in green (5). In this case, it can be consumed in a balanced quantity.

3. Benefits of Green Tea for Mouth Health
Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for mouth health. Its intake can prevent mouth infections. According to an Indian study, green tea can prevent the growth of catechin, P. zinjivalis (P. gingivalis) and other such bacteria such as prevotella intermedia (Prevotella Intermedia) and prevotella nigresense (Prevotella Nigrescens) (6). All these bacteria can affect the health of the mouth.


At the same time, another research found that green tea can control bacterial plaque and prevent tooth decay. Polyphenols present in green tea can act like anti-plaque agents to prevent plaque from accumulating in the mouth (7). Washing your mouth with green tea can be very beneficial, but it is better to consult a doctor once.

4. Benefits of Green Tea for Diabetes
The benefits of drinking green tea include prevention of diabetes. In fact, a study conducted in Japan found that people who consumed six or more cups of green tea per day had a 33% lower risk of type 2 diabetes (8) than people who drank less than a cup of green tea per day.


In addition, studies on mice revealed that consumption of green tea can improve insulin sensitivity (when insulin effectively converts blood glucose into energy). On the other hand, it can prevent insulin resistance (Insulin Resitence – cells when insulin is not responded to, which increases blood sugar levels) and hyperglycemia (Hyperglycemia – increased blood glucose). In simple terms, green tea has anti-diabetic properties that can reduce the risk of diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels (2).

5. Benefits of Green Tea for Cholesterol
According to a report by Harvard Medical School, green-tea can lower the level of harmful cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease (9). At present, most of the studies have been conducted on capsules containing catechin (polyphenols present in green tea). Further research is needed on how beneficial it will be directly.

6. Benefits of Green Tea to Improve Immunity
Consuming green tea can also help in improving immunity. It can strengthen the body’s immunity as well as help protect the body from free radicals (10).



7. Benefits of Green Tea for Alzheimer’s
Consumption of green tea can also reduce the risk of many mental illnesses. Alzheimer’s is one of the same diseases. In this disease, the memory of the person begins to weaken day by day and the ability to make decisions is also reduced. Green tea can be consumed to prevent this disease (11). The polyphenol, epiglocatechin-3-galat (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) present in it can benefit from this work. At present, it still requires research (12).

8. Benefits of Green Tea for Cancer
According to the National Cancer Institute, polyphenols (catachens) are responsible for the anti-cancer properties of tea. The most reliable of these is EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). It can fight free radicals and protect cells from DNA damage. Polyphenols (polyphenols) present in green tea can also cure the process of the immune system (13).


According to another study on animals, green tea can help prevent certain types of cancer (lungs, skin, breast, liver, stomach and intestine). Green-tea can also help prevent the spread of cancer cells (2) (14) (15). At the same time, we cannot ignore that cancer is a serious disease. It is not right to depend only on home remedies to treat it. Proper medical treatment should be the first priority, home remedies can only relieve cancer symptoms to some extent.

9. Benefits of drinking green tea for blood pressure
Green tea can also be beneficial for blood pressure. In fact, according to research published on the NCBI website, consumption of green tea can reduce blood pressure (16). On the other hand, according to another research, in overweight and obese adults, green tea or GTE (GTE – Green Tea Extract) supplementation has been found to cause a small, but significant decrease in BP (17). At present, more studies are required on this subject. If someone is consuming it for the first time, be sure to seek medical advice once. Also, if someone has low blood pressure problem, it is best to avoid consuming green tea.

10. Green tea for gastrointestinal disorders
Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for gastrointestinal disorders (stomach or digestive problems). A study has revealed that the catechin present in green tea is well absorbed in gastrointestinal tract and can help fight diseases.


11. Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Bones
Consuming green tea can also be beneficial for bones. It can be followed by bioactive compounds present in green tea. In fact, its intake can reduce the risk of fractures by improving bone mineral density. On the other hand, it can improve osteoblastic activities (Osteoblastic Activities – bone formation process) by reducing osteoblastic (Osteoclastic Activities – bone fracture process) activities (19). Research on mice revealed that green tea can reduce the risk of bone loss due to polyphenol inflammation and oxidative stress. At present, most of the results are based on studies conducted on animals, more research is needed to know its better effects on humans (20).


12. Benefits of Green Tea for Longevity
Green tea has many benefits, longevity is also one of the same benefits. Green tea can prevent many diseases by increasing immunity. As we mentioned above, green tea can help in preventing diseases like bone problem, cancer and diabetes. On the other hand, according to a US study, caffeine intake can also cause many physical problems. According to research, excessive consumption of caffeine can also increase the risk of sleep problems, restlessness, calcium deficiency and fractures in the body (21) (22). On this basis, it is difficult to clearly say whether green tea is helpful in increasing age. It can simply be inferred that its limited intake can help reduce the risk of diseases, which can help in aging.


13. Benefits of Green Tea for the Heart
According to a report by Harvard Medical School, green-tea can be beneficial for the heart. Consuming it can also prevent heart disease. A study on 40,530 Japanese adults found that people who drank more than five cups of green tea per day had a 26 per cent risk of heart attack or stroke death and 16 per cent lower risk of death due to all other causes (23) than those who consumed one cup of green tea daily. On the other hand, a study found that tea can reduce the risk of diseases such as catechin, atherosclerosis (Atherosclerosis – accumulation of plaque in the arteries). At present, more research is required on this subject (24).


14. Benefits of Drinking Green-Tea Under Stress
A study on mice found that polyphenols present in green tea produce antideprescent effects (25). Its antideprescent properties can be beneficial in case of stress. On the other hand, caffeine (Caffeine) present in green tea can also play an important role in treating stress. Consumption of low caffeinated green tea can relieve the problem of stress to some extent (26) (27). At present, more scientific studies are needed in this regard.

15. Benefits of Green Tea for Skin
Along with health, the benefits of green tea are also for the skin. Studies on animals have revealed that consumption or use of green tea extracts can reduce the risk of skin tumors due to harmful ultraviolet rays. It also has antiinflammatory properties that can work similar to anticancer. The polyphenol epiglocatachen-3-galat (EGCG, epigallocatechin-3-gallate) present in it may be responsible for this.


The research observed the protective effects of EGCG (EGCG) on oxidative stress caused by UVB (Ultraviolet Radiation) when it was used on the skin of mice. Tell us oxidative stress affects the skin negatively. However, very few human studies have been conducted to find out its better effects on humans, so more research needs to be done on this subject (2).

How to Use

Put a green tea bag in a quarter cup of cold water for about five minutes.
When the time is over, take out the tea bag and add two teaspoons of rose water to the green tea water.
Now use this mixed water with the help of cotton to clean the face before going to bed.
The rest of the water can be stored in the fridge for further use.


16. Benefits of Green Tea for Hair
Green tea can also prove beneficial for hair. A research by the University of Medical and Science (Los Angeles) showed hair regrowth when mice were given green tea polyphenol extract in water. On the other hand, mice that were given only water did not see any improvement in hair growth (28). However, more studies are needed to find out how much this test has been done on animals and how much impact it can have on humans. Green tea for hair can be used in the manner described below.


How to Use

Put three to four green tea bags in half a litre of water.
Remove the green tea bags after five to ten minutes.
Wash the hair with green tea water after shampoo and conditioner.
This process can be repeated two to three times a week.
Now you know about the nutrients present in green tea.

Nutrients of Green Tea – Nutritional Value of Green Tea 
Below we are sharing the list of nutrients present in green tea for reader information (29).


nutrient copy
Water 99.93 g
Energy 1 KCL
Protein 0.22 g
Iron 0.02 mg
Magnesium 1 mg
Potassium 8 mg
Sodium 1 mg
Zinc 0.01mg
Copper 0.004 mg
Manganese 0.184 mg
Thiamin 0.007 mg
Riboflavin 0.058 mg
Niacin 0.03 mg
Vitamin B6 0.005 mg
Caffeine 12 mg


After knowing about the benefits and nutrients of green tea, it is now time to learn about the method of making green tea. The way green tea is made is very easy and in this part of the article we are trying to give information about the same.

Green Tea Recipe – How to Prepare Green Tea
The method of making green tea is very easy, find out how to make green tea easily below.

1. Leafy Green-Tea Recipe

1 teaspoon green-tea leaves
tea screen
1 cup water
Method of making:

First place the tea strainer on the cup.
Now add green-tea leaves to this strainer and add hot water from the top.
Then press the green-tea leaves a little with the help of a spoon.
Be careful not to press too much leaves, otherwise tea can be bitter.
You can also add a little honey to green tea.


2. Green-tea recipe with tea bag

A green-tea bag
1 cup hot water
Method of making:

Soak the green-tea bag in a cup of warm water for one to two minutes.
Remove the tea bag when the time is up.
If you want to add honey to taste, mix it and consume it.
3. Powdered Green-Tea Recipe

1/2 or one teaspoon green-tea powder
1 cup water
1 teaspoon honey
Method of making:

Boil water in a pot and leave to cool for a few seconds.
Now add half or one teaspoon of green-tea powder.
Leave it to dissolve in water for three to five minutes.
After the time is over, strain it with a tea strainer.
Add honey to it for taste and consume it.


After knowing how to make green tea, learn more about how to include it in your routine.

Right time to drink green tea – When to Drink Green Tea 
Coming to the right time to drink green tea, there is no scientific evidence available. It is estimated that the time to drink green tea may be good after breakfast or lunch. Avoid drinking green tea on an empty stomach as doing so can lead to stomach problems. Drinking green tea at night may not be right, as it contains caffeine, which can promote insomnia (30). Moreover, not everyone’s body is the same, so the time and amount of intake may vary. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor or an expert in this regard.

Learn more about some of the most talked about green tea brands.

Best Green Tea Brand – Top Green Tea Brands 
Below we are giving information about some good green tea brands.


1.Lipton Green Tea


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Speaking of green tea, Lipton is a well-known brand. It is available in every pack, big and small. If one wants to consume green tea for the first time, one can take a small pack of it, which is in the budget. The company claims that this tea can be beneficial for heart health and skin.


It is in the Budget.
Zero calories.
It is vegetarian.


Tea bags are low in green tea leaves.
It may taste artificial to some people.


2.Organic India


Organic india

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Organic India brand brings green tea of a mixture of tulsi, lemon and ginger. It is known to almost everyone that Tulsi is one of the very beneficial herbs. The company claims that this green tea contains a lot of powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants, which can help protect the body from the loss of free radicals. Its intake can also help in preventing heart diseases and improving the immune system as well as detoxifying the body. It can be consumed after lunch.


It tastes good.
This can make hot or ice tea.
Consuming it after lunch can be beneficial for digestion.


This can lead to acidity.


3. Girnar Detox Green Tea Desi Kahwa


Girnar Detox Green Tea Desi Kahwa


This brand can be new to many. This green tea contains mixed spices and herbs. This green tea recipe is also very easy. Just take a cup of warm water and add a tea bag to it for one to two minutes. Take out the tea bag later and enjoy the tea.


Its pack is available in different sizes.
Spicy and strong fragrance.


It is high in sodium.
Not suitable for people with high blood pressure.


4. Typhoon Green Tea


Typhu green tea

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This green tea brand is a 100-year-old prestigious British brand. The company claims to have no sugar, preservatives and no artificial flavours. This unique type is rich in catechin and also has powerful antioxidants.


There is no preservative in it.
There is no sugar in it.
It does not have any artificial flavour.
May be helpful in maintaining metabolism.


It tastes very light.


5. Tetley Green Tea Lemon & Honey


Tetley Green Tea Lemon and Honey


Tetley is also a well-known brand. Its flavour contains lemon and honey, ginger, mint and lemon and many other similar mixtures. Its flavour of honey and lemon mixture is a very popular flavour. This green tea is also available in small packs, so it is in the Budget. At the same time, it is easily available and it is also quite easy to make.


Can be helpful in maintaining metabolism and immunity.
Easily available in the market and online.
It also tastes great.
It is a green tea vegetarian.


Excessive intake can lead to acidity problems.


Benefits of green tea, as well as green tea side effects, can occur. Further, we are explaining the same in detail.

Disadvantages of Green Tea – Side Effects of Green Tea

Green tea benefits are many, but there are also some disadvantages from its excessive intake. Learn below about green tea side effects that can be used to avoid drinking green tea (31) (32) (33).

Consumption of green tea can cause abdominal pain, nausea and liver problems.
Green tea contains caffeine, which can cause insomnia, headaches, tremors, and anxiety.
Green tea contains an element called tannic acid (Tannic Acid), which can cause tooth stains.
Be sure to take medical advice before consuming green tea during pregnancy. It contains caffeine and consuming more than 300 mg of caffeine during pregnancy can increase the duration of pregnancy.


After knowing the benefits of green tea, the fun of drinking it is something else. Those who have not included it in their diet yet can start drinking it anytime. However, excessive intake also causes damage to green tea, so people should consume it in limited quantities keeping in mind their health. In addition, readers should also note that the benefits of drinking green tea can help reduce the effects of the above mentioned problems to some extent, but green tea is not a medical treatment for any disease. Hopefully this article will be beneficial for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of drinking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning?

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning can help control the word (3).

Can I drink green tea before going to bed?

No, green tea contains caffeine and it can reduce sleep (34).

Can drinking green tea improve sexual capacity?

Yes, drinking green tea can improve sexual capacity. It can help increase sexual desire in men (35).


10 Proof-Primarily based Advantages of Green Tea


We embrace merchandise we expect are helpful for our readers. In case you purchase by hyperlinks on this web page, we could earn a small fee. Right here’s our course of.


Green tea is touted to be one of many healthiest drinks on the planet.

It’s loaded with antioxidants which have many well being advantages, which can embrace:

improved mind perform
fats loss
defending in opposition to most cancers
decreasing the chance of coronary heart illness

There could also be much more potential well being advantages.

Listed below are 10 potential well being advantages of Green tea.

1. Incorporates wholesome bioactive compounds

Green tea is greater than only a hydrating beverage.

The Green tea plant comprises a spread of wholesome compounds that make it into the ultimate drink (1Trusted Supply).

Tea is wealthy in polyphenols, that are pure compounds which have well being advantages, akin to decreasing irritation and serving to to battle most cancers.

Green tea comprises a catechin known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Catechins are pure antioxidants that assist stop cell injury and supply different advantages.

These substances can cut back the formation of free radicals within the physique, defending cells and molecules from injury. These free radicals play a job in growing old and plenty of varieties of illnesses.

EGCG is without doubt one of the strongest compounds in Green tea. Analysis has examined its capability to assist deal with varied illnesses. It seems to be one of many important compounds that offers Green tea its medicinal properties (2Trusted Supply).

Green tea additionally has small quantities of minerals that may profit your well being.

Attempt to decide on a better high quality model of Green tea, as a result of a number of the decrease high quality manufacturers can include extreme quantities of fluoride (3Trusted Supply).

That being stated, even should you select a decrease high quality model, the advantages nonetheless outweigh any threat.


Green tea is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants, together with a catechin known as EGCG. These antioxidants can have varied useful results on well being.




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  1. Might enhance mind perform

Green tea does extra than simply preserve you alert, it might additionally assist increase mind perform.

The important thing lively ingredient is caffeine, which is a identified stimulant.

It doesn’t include as a lot as espresso, however sufficient to provide a response with out inflicting the jittery results related to taking in an excessive amount of caffeine.

Caffeine impacts the mind by blocking an inhibitory neurotransmitter known as adenosine. This manner, it will increase the firing of neurons and the focus of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine (4Trusted Supply, 5Trusted Supply).

Analysis has persistently proven that caffeine can enhance varied facets of mind perform, together with temper, vigilance, response time, and reminiscence (6Trusted Supply).

Nonetheless, caffeine isn’t the one brain-boosting compound in Green tea. It additionally comprises amino acid L-theanine, which might cross the blood-brain barrier (7).

L-theanine will increase the exercise of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which has anti-anxiety results. It additionally will increase dopamine and the manufacturing of alpha waves within the mind (7, 8Trusted Supply, 9Trusted Supply).

Research present that caffeine and L-theanine can have synergistic results. Which means the mix of the 2 can have significantly highly effective results in enhancing mind perform (10Trusted Supply, 11Trusted Supply).

Due to the L-theanine and the small dose of caffeine, Green tea could offer you a a lot milder and completely different type of buzz than espresso.

Many individuals report having extra steady power and being rather more productive after they drink Green tea, in contrast with espresso.


Green tea comprises much less caffeine than espresso however sufficient to provide an impact. It additionally comprises the amino acid L-theanine, which might work synergistically with caffeine to enhance mind perform.


  1. Will increase fats burning

In case you take a look at the components record for any fats burning complement, chances are high, Green tea will probably be on there.

It is because, in accordance with analysis, Green tea can improve fats burning and increase metabolic price (12).

In a single examine involving 10 wholesome males, taking Green tea extract elevated the variety of energy burned by 4%. In one other involving 12 wholesome males, Green tea extract elevated fats oxidation by 17%, in contrast with these taking a placebo (13Trusted Supply, 14Trusted Supply).

Nonetheless, some research on Green tea don’t present any improve in metabolism, so the consequences could rely on the person and the way the examine was arrange (15Trusted Supply).

Caffeine may enhance bodily efficiency by mobilizing fatty acids from fats tissue and making them accessible to be used as power (16Trusted Supply, 17Trusted Supply).

Two separate evaluation research reported that caffeine could improve bodily efficiency by roughly 11–12% (18Trusted Supply, 19Trusted Supply).


Green tea could increase metabolic price and improve fats burning within the quick time period, though not all research agree.

  1. Antioxidants could decrease the chance of some cancers

Most cancers is attributable to uncontrolled development of cells. It’s one of many world’s main causes of loss of life.

Analysis has proven that oxidative injury can result in continual irritation, which might result in continual illnesses, together with cancers. Antioxidants might help defend in opposition to oxidative injury (20Trusted Supply).

Green tea is a wonderful supply of highly effective antioxidants.

Analysis has linked Green tea compounds with a diminished threat of most cancers, together with the next research:

Breast most cancers. A complete evaluation of observational research discovered that ladies who drank probably the most Green tea had an roughly 20–30% decrease threat of creating breast most cancers, one of the vital widespread cancers in ladies (21Trusted Supply).
Prostate most cancers. One examine noticed that males ingesting Green tea had a decrease threat of superior prostate most cancers (22).
Colorectal most cancers. An evaluation of 29 research confirmed that these ingesting Green tea had been round 42% much less more likely to develop colorectal most cancers (23Trusted Supply).

Many observational research point out that Green tea drinkers are much less more likely to develop a number of varieties of most cancers, however extra top quality analysis is required to substantiate these results (24, 25Trusted Supply).

To get probably the most well being advantages, keep away from including milk to your tea. Some research counsel it may possibly cut back the antioxidant worth in some teas (26Trusted Supply).


Green tea has highly effective antioxidants which will defend in opposition to most cancers. A number of research present that Green tea drinkers have a decrease threat of varied varieties of most cancers.



  1. Might defend the mind from growing old

Not solely can Green tea enhance mind perform within the quick time period, it might additionally defend your mind as you age.

Alzheimer’s illness is a standard neurodegenerative illness and the most typical explanation for dementia in older adults (27).

Parkinson’s illness is one other widespread neurodegenerative illness and includes the loss of life of dopamine-producing neurons within the mind.

A number of research present that the catechin compounds in Green tea can have varied protecting results on neurons in take a look at tubes and animal fashions, presumably decreasing the chance of dementia (28Trusted Supply, 29Trusted Supply, 30Trusted Supply).


The bioactive compounds in Green tea can have varied protecting results on the mind. They might cut back the chance of dementia, a standard neurodegenerative dysfunction in older adults.

  1. Might cut back unhealthy breath

The catechins in Green tea even have advantages for oral well being.

Check-tube research counsel that catechins can suppress the expansion of micro organism, doubtlessly decreasing the chance of infections (31Trusted Supply, 32, 33Trusted Supply, 34Trusted Supply).

Streptococcus mutans is a standard bacterium within the mouth. It causes plaque formation and is a number one contributor to cavities and tooth decay.

Research point out that the catechins in Green tea can inhibit the expansion of oral micro organism within the lab, however no proof exhibits that ingesting Green tea has comparable results (35Trusted Supply, 36Trusted Supply, 37Trusted Supply, 38Trusted Supply).

Nonetheless, there’s some proof that Green tea could cut back unhealthy breath (39Trusted Supply, 40Trusted Supply).


The catechins in Green tea could inhibit the expansion of micro organism within the mouth, decreasing the chance of unhealthy breath.



  1. Might assist stop kind 2 diabetes

The charges of kind 2 diabetes are growing in latest many years. The situation now impacts about 1 in 10 People (41Trusted Supply).

Kind 2 diabetes includes having elevated blood sugar ranges, which can be attributable to insulin resistance or an incapacity to provide insulin.

Research present that Green tea could enhance insulin sensitivity and cut back blood sugar ranges (42Trusted Supply).

One examine in Japanese people discovered that those that drank probably the most Green tea had an roughly 42% decrease threat of kind 2 diabetes (43Trusted Supply).

In line with a evaluation of seven research with a complete of 286,701 people, tea drinkers had an 18% decrease threat of diabetes (44Trusted Supply).


Some managed research present that Green tea could trigger gentle reductions in blood sugar ranges. It might additionally decrease the chance of kind 2 diabetes.

  1. Might assist stop heart problems

Cardiovascular illnesses, together with coronary heart illness and stroke, are the main causes of loss of life worldwide (45).

Research present that Green tea could enhance a number of the important threat elements for these illnesses, which incorporates enhancing complete ldl cholesterol and LDL (unhealthy) ldl cholesterol ranges (46).

Green tea additionally will increase the antioxidant capability of the blood, which protects the LDL particles from oxidation, which is one a part of the pathway towards coronary heart illness (47, 48).

Given the useful results on threat elements, it is probably not shocking that individuals who drink Green tea have as much as a 31% decrease threat of dying from a heart problems (49Trusted Supply, 50, 51Trusted Supply).


Green tea could decrease complete and LDL (unhealthy) ldl cholesterol, in addition to defend the LDL particles from oxidation. Research present that individuals who drink Green tea have a decrease threat of heart problems.


  1. Might show you how to shed extra pounds

Provided that Green tea can increase the metabolic price within the quick time period, it is smart that it may show you how to shed extra pounds.

A number of research present that Green tea could assist cut back physique fats, particularly within the stomach space (52, 53Trusted Supply).

One in every of these research was a 12-week randomized managed examine involving 240 folks with weight problems.

On this examine, these within the Green tea group had important decreases in physique fats proportion, physique weight, waist circumference, and stomach fats, in contrast with these within the management group (54Trusted Supply).

Nonetheless, some research don’t present a statistically important improve in weight reduction with Green tea, so researchers must carry out additional research to substantiate this impact (55Trusted Supply).


Some research present that Green tea could result in elevated weight reduction. It might be significantly efficient at decreasing the damaging stomach fats.


Provided that some compounds in Green tea could assist defend in opposition to most cancers and coronary heart illness, it is smart that it may show you how to stay longer.

In a single examine, researchers studied 40,530 Japanese adults over 11 years. Those that drank probably the most Green tea — 5 or extra cups per day — had been considerably much less more likely to die through the examine interval (56Trusted Supply):

Loss of life of all causes: 23% decrease in ladies, 12% decrease in males
Loss of life from coronary heart illness: 31% decrease in ladies, 22% decrease in males
Loss of life from stroke: 42% decrease in ladies, 35% decrease in males

One other examine involving 14,001 older Japanese people discovered that those that drank probably the most Green tea had been 76% much less more likely to die through the 6-year examine interval (57).


Research present that individuals who drink Green tea could stay longer than those that don’t.

The underside line

Green tea has a spread of potential well being advantages.

That will help you really feel higher, shed extra pounds, and decrease your threat of continual illnesses, you could need to contemplate making Green tea an everyday a part of your life


What is the right time and way to drink green tea (Best time to drink green tea)? Know when to drink green tea, what are the benefits of green tea and how to make it. Best Time to Drink Lipton Green Tea for Flat Tummy,How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss,The right time and way to drink green tea

How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea (Green Tea) is considered to be the best drink to lose weight and increase metabolism worldwide. In view of its benefits, people are drinking green tea fiercely. But most people don’t know the right time and way to drink green tea and that is why green tea can cause a lot of damage to the body instead of benefiting.
This article will be very useful for you if you also drink a lot of green tea in search of weight loss and fitness. This will enable you to tell yourself and green tea addicts like you the right time and way to drink green tea.

There may be many questions about green tea (Green Tea) in your pocket, for example, should green tea be consumed on an empty stomach? How long should you drink green tea for food? How many green teas should be consumed in a day? All these questions are answered here.



Right time to drink green tea (Best time to drink Green Tea)

Between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m.
5 to 6 p.m., after breakfast
Green tea should be taken 2 hours before bed at night
Drink 1 hour before meals or 1 to 2 hours before meals
About 30 minutes before morning exercise
10am to 11pm –
The best time to drink green tea is between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. Meanwhile, your body needs extra metabolism to digest breakfast. At this time, by drinking green tea, breakfast is well digested and with its energy release, the body stays healthy throughout the day.

You and I have the healthiest breakfast in the morning, which gives us energy energy throughout the day, but at the same time it is very important to convert this breakfast into energy energy into proper conversion energy and this is what Green Tea Does.

Time to drink green tea in the evening –
Drinking green tea after breakfast in the evening between 5 and 6 pm will get rid of the toxic water accumulated in your body during the day. This will also make lunch better. Whatever we eat and drink throughout the day, it is important to metabolize it in the evening, and therefore take the help of green tea.

Drinking green tea in the evening not only provides energy for the day’s food, but also the toxins that have accumulated inside our body are excreted in the urine.

Time to drink green tea at night
Experts say that green tea should not be drunk at night. Drinking green tea in the evening can cause sleep disturbances and acidity. The caffeine in green tea stimulates your brain to work while the night is conducive to sleep.

In such a situation, if you drink green tea at night, your body will not let you sleep even though you are tired and it will cause a lot of complications in the body.

Therefore, according to doctors, green tea should be taken 2 hours before bedtime.

Before or after eating
Drink green tea whenever you want, either 1 hour before meals or 1 to 2 hours after meals. Drinking green tea 1 to 2 hours after a meal improves the digestion of food and gives the body ample satisfaction from that food. If you wish, you can also drink green tea 1 hour before meals.

The main function of green tea is to stimulate the body to metabolize food. That is, if you have eaten and you feel drowsy after eating, then green tea will speed up your metabolism so that more energy is released from the food and converted into calories.

Before work .t
Green tea should be consumed in the morning before work. It is very beneficial to drink green tea 30 minutes before exercise in the morning. During exercise, the caffeine found in green tea provides the necessary strength for work. In addition, green tea helps in weight loss. Green tea drunk before exercise helps reduce excess body fat. But keep in mind that when drinking green tea before work, honey should not be added.

After work .t
Green tea should not be drunk after exercise. A study by the Department of Food Science at Pennsylvania State University in the United States found that people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can reduce their risk if they drink green tea after exercise. But if you exercise, you should not consume green tea after workout.

The perfect season to drink green tea
Although green tea is beneficial in all seasons, it is more beneficial to drink it at the end of winter and spring season. Green tea leaves are harvested in the spring, and this is the period when the body needs to shed the fat gained during the winter.

In the spring after winter, consumption of green tea cleanses the body and works to reduce excess fat. Because of this, people consume green tea to block the blood vessels in the body. Spring is also said to be good for green tea as fresh and fully grown green tea is available at this time.

right way to drink a green tea - ग्रीन टी पीने का सही तरीका क्या है


The right time to drink green tea

The right way to drink green tea
How much green tea a day

Doctors say that a person can drink a maximum of 3 cups of green tea a day. Don’t drink more green tea. If you consume more green tea than this, you may suffer from dehydration. Not only this, by consuming more green tea the calcium present in the body is excreted through urine, if this excretion is high then the body may be deficient in calcium and osteoporosis can be a problem.


Drink green tea mixed with honey
Drinking green tea mixed with honey is very beneficial for the body. Due to this, toxins are excreted from the body and digestion is good. In fact, the caffeine in green tea and the vitamin N found in honey revitalize the urine. Together, they burn the fat stored in the body and eliminate it. On the one hand honey works to reduce the calories in the body, on the other hand green tea increases the rate of digestion and creates energy in the body.

Do not drink green tea on an empty stomach
Avoid drinking green tea on an empty stomach. If you drink green tea on an empty stomach, you may suffer from flatulence. Doctors say that one cup of green tea contains 24-25 mg of caffeine. If a person drinks three cups of green TV a day, he loses so much caffeine in his body that it can cause problems like restlessness, dizziness, diabetes, diarrhea, insomnia, heartburn. If you have green tea in the morning, you can eat biscuits with it.

Do not drink green tea with milk and sugar
Some people mix green tea with milk and sugar and drink it like regular tea. It is not beneficial, on the contrary, it has disadvantages. Never drink green tea mixed with milk and sugar as it disturbs the juices of the digestive system. In fact, green tea promotes metabolism and milk sugar is a lactic acid diet. If these three are taken together, diarrhea will occur and digestion will be impaired.

Benefits of Green Tea
Green tea can be very beneficial for the body if consumed at the right time and in the right way. Let’s find out what are the benefits of drinking green tea.
Cancer prevention support
Green tea contains many polyphenols. These substances not only destroy the cancer-causing cells but also play an important role in preventing them from growing. When the free radicals in the body damage the cells, the catechins found in the green team break down these radicals and protect the cells from damage.

Beneficial for the skin

Green tea contains a substance called catechin, which acts as an anti-aging agent. With buoyancy, free radicals begin to accumulate in the body, causing wrinkles on the skin and face. The catechins present in green tea prevent these radicals from accumulating. At the same time, polyphenols make new cells in the body and prevent old cells from weakening. These two ingredients together protect the skin from weakening and aging.

Beneficial for diabetics
There are several benefits to using green tea for type 2 diabetes. The polyphenols present in it keep the blood sugar level low.

Effective for weight loss
Consumption of green tea reduces weight and maintains health. In fact, green tea leaves contain a number of bactericidal substances that stimulate fat-burning hormones in the body. Consumption of green tea increases metabolism and regulates cholesterol. The body converts food into calories with the help of polyphenols. It provides energy and keeps the weight under control.

Beneficial for the brain
Green tea is very beneficial for the body as well as the mind. It contains amino acids that help secrete hormones that reduce stress. This hormone is called serotonin. The antioxidants present in green tea accelerate the flow of serotonin present in the brain, which reduces mental stress.

Disadvantages of green tea
If drinking green tea at the wrong time and in the wrong way can also be harmful, such as –
Increases insomnia
Green tea contains caffeine and its consumption causes insomnia. People who drink more green tea do not sleep at night because the body does not sleep due to the high amount of caffeine.

Anxiety and vomiting
One hundred grams of green tea contains 12 milligrams of caffeine. Excessive caffeine intake can cause restlessness and vomiting. Many people also have gas problems and increased dehydration.

Iron deficiency in the body
Excessive consumption of green tea can lead to iron deficiency in the body, leading to anemia.

Harmful to pregnant women
Pregnant women should not drink green tea. Its consumption not only puts the fetus at risk, but can also lead to miscarriage.

The bones are weak
Excessive consumption of green tea increases the risk of osteoporosis. In fact, where green tea is low in iron, calcium is excreted in the urine. Calcium deficiency weakens the bones in the body and increases the risk of osteoporosis.

How to make green tea




If you drink green TV to stay healthy, you need to know the right way to make green tea. Let us show you how to make green tea at home so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by making green tea properly.

The way to make green tea is very simple. It requires very little material.
Kettle or caddy
A cup of water
Fear green tea bags / put powder

First, pour a cup of water into the kettle or caddy to bring it to a boil. When it boils well, pour this water back into the cup and put a bag of green tea in it. Now wait until the green tea extract dissolves in the water. After about three to four minutes, remove the bag of green tea from the cup. If you want to mix honey, mix half a teaspoon of honey.

If you are using green tea powder instead of a tea bag, put a teaspoon of powder powder in a cup instead of a tea bag and mix well. Then if you want, you can mix honey in it, otherwise you can drink it too.

Now that your green tea is ready, it should be neither too hot nor too cold. Drink it only while sucking on its effect.

We hope that by knowing the right way to drink green tea and the right time to drink green tea, you will be able to take full advantage of green tea. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. If you found this article about green tea useful, be sure to share it with your friends.

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