kidney beans Recipe: Give to your kidney beans Authentic Kashmiri Touch- Must Try

Kashmiri Rajma Recipe: Give to your favorite rajma, the rajma found in the authentic Kashmiri touch-Must Tryकश्मीर is very different from the regular rajma, as they are a little smaller in size and deep in colour.


Every area of Indian cuisine has a lot of fantastic recipes. From north to south, from east to west, there are a lot of dishes and recipes that all food lovers must try. Kashmiri dishes are also a repository of delicious recipes that have a lot for every palate. Kashmiri food flavours are finely prepared by whole spices, which are used in recipes. Every byte gives you a very different taste, even without the use of tomatoes, onions or garlic – the unique taste of Kashmiri food is really extremely different. Kashmiri Rajma is one such great recipe that Indian foods must try.

The rajma found in Kashmir is quite different from the regular rajma, as they are a little smaller in size and deep in colour. Rajma-Chawal is a common dish found in many households in north India. However, this Kashmiri rajma is different from normal onion and tomato based preparation. In fact, the Kashmiri Rajma recipe is prepared with a curd-based gravy, which is boiled and made with spices. It is best to use authentic Kashmiri spices to prepare for this delicious dish.

How to make authentic Kashmiri Rajma |Easy Kashmiri Rajma Recipe


Soak rajma overnight in water. Strain the water, then cook the rajma with fresh water in the pressure cooker for about 15 minutes. Now, prepare kashmiri rajma gravy with ghee, asafoetida and cumin seeds. Let it crackle, then add dried ginger powder, curd and chopped ginger. Keep stirring it and then add the remaining spices and cooked rajma. Add water and let it boil. Once it starts cooking, add garam masala and coriander. Boil for another minute, then garnish with coriander leaves!
Try this authentic Kashmiri Rajma recipe next time taste a new flavour!

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