Identify Whether Cucumber Is Bitter or Sweet in These Ways, Bitterness Will Also Burst Away From It

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Tips for Buying Kheera: in the Summer Season (Summer Season), We Should Not Allow Water Scarcity in Our Body. Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Fruits That Are Rich in Water to Keep the Body Hydrated. Fruits That Come in the Summer Season Are Very Beneficial for Health.

But When Buying These Fruits, You Should Make Sure That They Are Good for Your Health and Are Delicious. When We Go to the Market to Buy Vegetables or Fruits, We First Look at Their Colour and Buy Them, but When We Bring Home, They Are Rotten Throat and Tasteless From the Inside. In the Summer Season, Fruits Like Cucumber, Cucumber and Melon-melon Come and Are High in Water. Today We Will Talk About Cucumbers Found in Every House…

Cucumber Is a Cheap Fruit as Well as Delicious and Healthy. Well Then Cucumber Will Get You Every Season. But Good and Desi Cucumber Comes Only in the Summer Season. Especially in the Months From March to June. Good and Sweet Cucumber Sown Due to Heat Wave Is Very Good. Be Careful While Buying It or You Will Bring Bitter Cucumber at Home. Today We Will Give You Some Tips Here That Will Help You Buy a Good Cucumber and Bring It Home and Also Explain How to Remove Cucumber Bitterness.

Cucumber Shape
Small, Large, Thick and Crooked Cucumbers Are Available in the Market. But You’d Better Not Buy Too Many Large Cucumbers. You Choose Small and Medium Sized Kheer. Also Keep in Mind That Cucumber Should Not Be Too Thin and Too Thick. More Seeds Can Come Out in More Large and Thick-sized Cucumbers and Much More Thin Cucumbercan Be Raw and Bitter.¬†Fresh Cucumber Is Hard, Which Is Not Suppressed When Pressed. If the Cucumber Is Light Yellow, Do Not Take It Because It Is Stale.


Look at Cucumber Peels
Desi Cucumber Is Delicious to Eat. The Peel Should Be Taken Care of While Buying Cucumber in the Market. If the Cucumber Peel Is Dark Green and Yellowish From Somewhere and the Grains Are Raised in It, Know That It Is a Desi Cucumber. You Have Been Able to Buy Such Cucumbers. Well, You’ll Find a Variety of Cucumber Varieties in the Market. But if You Want to Buy Desi Cucumber (Benefits of Cucumber Juice), You Should See Cucumber Peel.

Buy Cucumber by Looking at the Cassava
While Taking Cucumber, See That They Are Not Too Soft. Soft Cucumbers Can Be More Seedy and Sore From the Inside. When the Cucumber Is Overcooked, It Becomes Like This. So You Have to Buy From the Market by Looking at the Hard Cucumber. For This, You Can Press and Try Cucumber.

Don’t Buy Such Cucumber
If the Cucumber Is Chopped and Too Twisted, Don’t Buy Such Cucumbers Either. At the Same Time, if You See the Green Lines That Have Emerged in the Cucumber, Know That It Is Not a Native Cucumber. Now Let’s Talk About How to Remove Cucumber’s Bitterness if It Comes Out Bitter

Remove the Bitterness of Cucumber Like This

If You Look at Your Homes, You Must Have Noticed That Before Cutting the Cucumber, the Top of the Cucumber Is Cut a Little and Salted on the Chopped Part and Rubbed a Little. By Doing This, the Bitterness of Cucumber Is Expedied as Foam.


So Keep All These Things in Mind Whenever You Go to Buy Cucumber From Now on. You Will Find Cucumbers Full of Good and Health.

Disclaimer – All Health Related Information in This Article Is Written for Informative Purposes. It Should Not Be Treated for a Disease or as a Medical Advice. We Don’t Claim That the Tips Mentioned Here Will Be Completely Effective. Be Sure to Consult a Doctor Before Trying Any Tips or Suggestions Given Here.

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