Health news Intake of loaves made of these two flours will get 4 tremendous benefits!

Health news now here four benifit of ragi and bajra roti brmp | Health news: Consume these two flour loaves during corona period, get 4 tremendous benefits!

New Delhi: Doctors are advising to keep the body fit during the corona period. Because it is very important for the body to be strong to fight this epidemic. In that case, we brought you the benefits of ragi and bajra flour rotis. Consuming them will not only protect you from many serious diseases but also strengthen the immunity of the body. Many people wonder what makes the most nutritious bread from flour. ?

Today, we’re giving you information about two types of autos that contain a variety of nutrients that help make the body healthier. Generally, we all eat wheat flour bread in our homes, but in many places people prefer bajra and ragi bread instead of wheat. Millet and ragi flour rotis have tremendous benefits.

4 Tremendous Benefits of Eating Bajra and Ragi Rotis

1. Make bones strong
Bajra flour is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Its regular intake strengthens the bones. That’s why vulnerable people are advised by doctors to eat millet bread.

2. Beneficial for healthy hearts
Millet helps in controlling cholesterol levels. This reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. It is also a good source of magnesium and potassium, which helps in controlling blood pressure.

3. The risk of fracture smaller
Calcium is found in large quantities in ragi. It is considered to be a non-dairy source of calcium. Ragi prevents osteoporosis and helps in reducing the risk of fractures. Also bajra roti can be quite beneficial in controlling weight.

4. Avoid joint problems
Millet and ragi are two cereals that contain protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and essential nutrients. They are helpful in reducing public ity as well as improving digestion. Eating ragi and bajra flour bread relieves joint problems.

Method of making millet bread

Take the most raised bajra flour in a pot.
Then use salt, hot water and ghee or butter.
Mix them all well and then knead the dough.
Make bread after kneading the dough.
Add ghee or butter to bajra roti and eat it with vegetables and jaggery.

Ragi Flour Roti Recipe

First rub and mix the vegetables of your choice in ragi flour
You can add onions, carrots or beets etc.
Then add light spices and salt to the flour
Then add water and knead the dough.
Cook hot rotis on a pan after kneading the dough.
You can eat ragi bread in the morning.


Disclaimer – The information in this article is general information. If you are suffering from any kind of illness or physical problem, consult a doctor or a specialist before applying this information.




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