Health news: Drinking buttermilk in summer gives you these magical benefits, just know the right time to consume


New Delhi: In the summer season, people do nothing to keep the body cool. If someone drinks different fruit juices, someone looks for home remedies. Don’t take tension if you’re too upset with the heat. We have brought you the benefits of buttermilk. In some places it is also called whey. Its intake helps protect the body from a variety of diseases.

Tell you that buttermilk is made from curd. The liquid left after removing ghee from the curd is called whey. Consuming it especially in the summer season gives tremendous benefits to the body.

This kind of buttermilk is the most beneficial
Consuming buttermilk made from fresh curd is considered more beneficial. This relieves the complaint of abdominal heaviness, afara, loss of appetite, indigestion and stomach irritation. When the food is not digested, the food is digested quickly by sipping roasted cumin seeds, pepper powder and sendha salt mixed with buttermilk.

What is found in buttermilk
When it comes to the elements found in buttermilk, buttermilk contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Consuming it in summer gives the body enough nutrients.

Magical Benefits of Buttermilk

1. Buttermilk makes up for water scarcity
Consumption of buttermilk does not lead to water scarcity in the body. Sweating is more common in the summer season. There may be a complaint of dehydration. So doctors also recommend consuming buttermilk especially in the summer season. It makes up for the water scarcity.

2. Strengthens bones buttermilk
Buttermilk contains enough calcium, which strengthens bones. Regular consumption of it can prevent a disease called osteoporosis.

3. Digestion is fine
Consumption of buttermilk helps in maintaining digestion. It is rich in probiotics, which promotes the development of the intestine in the body. It thus helps in boosting the body’s immunity too.

4. Relief from acidity
Consuming buttermilk relieves acidity. You can consume buttermilk some time after meals. This will relieve stomach irritation.

5. Helpful in weight loss
Regular consumption of buttermilk can help you lose weight. Buttermilk is low in calories and fat. It also acts as a fat burner in a way.

The right time to consume
Eating a variety of spices in the summer can cause swelling in your body. In such a case, consumption of buttermilk reduces the effect of spices and neutralizes it. If you feel heavy after eating, consume buttermilk. It provides enough protein to the body.

Note- The information in the news is based on general assumptions we do not confirm this. Be sure to consult a doctor before applying this information.



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