Health news Benefits of flaxseed always have to stay alive so consume linseed like this


New Delhi: Linseed is easily found in every household kitchen. It not only enhances the taste but also helps to keep you away from many serious diseases. If you are suffering from obesity or are suffering from skin related diseases, consume linseed. It is also beneficial in controlling blood cholesterol. In this news we are telling you the benefits of linseed and the right way to consume it.

Health experts say that small flaxseeds (flax seeds) contain a wealth of health. Consuming it can protect you from many health related problems.

Elements found in linseed
A teaspoon of ground linseed is 7 grams. It contains 1.28 grams of protein, 2.95 grams of fat, 2.02 grams of carbohydrates, 1.91 grams of fiber, 17.8 mg of calcium, 27.4 mg of magnesium, 44.9 mg of phosphorus, 56.9 mg of potassium, 6.09 micrograms of folate and 45.6 micrograms of lutin e.g. and gxanthin, which is very important for a healthy body.

Benefits of Linseed Intake (benefits of flax seeds)

Linseed has antioxidants and phytochemicals properties that keep facial skin alive at an advanced age. There is no problem of wrinkles and the skin remains shiny.
Alagi contains omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals. That’s why flaxseeds improve digestion. Its seeds also help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes (Diabetes), cancer (Cancer) and heart disease (Haert Disease).
Flaxseeds help in controlling blood cholesterol. According to a research, eating linseed seeds daily can lower your cholesterol level by 6 to 11 percent.
Regular intake of linseed can increase your digestive power. Because real contains enough fiber, which relieves constipation by increasing the digestive power.

What time to eat linseed
You can eat linseed on an empty stomach. Also linseed can be consumed before going to bed at night, as it also helps in getting good sleep.

The right way to consume real
According to health experts, it is more beneficial to grind linseed seeds (Ground Flaxseed) than to eat whole flaxseeds (Whole Flaxseed). Because whole flaxseeds have a brown cover above, which is very difficult for the intestine to digest. Because of this, the body is not able to absorb the nutrients of linseed. That is why linseed is advised to grind and eat.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on general assumptions. We don’t confirm it. Contact the concerned expert before applying this information.



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