Green Tea Recipe Right Time

Green Tea Recipe Green tea is becoming a popular beverage these days as people become aware of its health benefits. People who want to reduce obesity, reduce belly fat, maintain good skin and improve metabolic reactions. They all want to stay green and healthy and drink green tea. But friends, this does not mean that we keep drinking hot cups of green tea one after another, it is a mistake that many of us make.

The right time and way to drink green tea recipe
Green tea recipe
Friends, today I will tell you what is the right time and way to drink green tea?

Green Tea Recipe Right Time
Green Tea Recipe Right Time

We need to keep in mind that drinking green tea at the wrong time can also have side effects. Because green tea contains both caffeine and tannins, which reduce gastric juice and affect the stomach.

Due to this, nausea, gastric pain and stomach acidity are promoted. If green tea is taken in the right amount at the right time, only we get the maximum benefit from it.

Let us tell you today, the ways and benefits of drinking green tea – 6 benefits of green tea
Never drink green tea on an empty stomach, drinking green tea cleanses our body from within. But this should not be done, green tea should not be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. Because it contains caffeine which dilutes our gastric juice and affects our stomach and spleen.
What is the right time to drink green tea? Friends, for best results, you should drink green tea half an hour before or 1 hour before eating.
Green tea does not contain milk or sugar as it contains antioxidants and thio nine. Which are good for health but when milk contains protein and sugar contains calories they are present in green tea, flavonoids. So there is a negative reaction due to which the body does not get the benefit of green tea.
Drink green tea with honey. Caffeine and vitamins present in green tea revitalize the urine and stomach are present in the body. Honey helps reduce calories, so drink green tea with honey after meals.
Do not drink green tea immediately after a meal as the caffeine in green tea affects digestion and prevents the body from absorbing nutrients.
Only two or three cups of green tea a day should be consumed, as green tea is rich in antioxidants and phyllonovis. If you consume large amounts of it, the amount of toxins in the body increases and this can affect your liver.
Let us tell you many benefits of green tea, now we will show you how to make green tea.
Important Ingredients – Green Tea Recipe
Water = two cups
Green tea = half a teaspoon
Honey = tasty
Recipe – How to make a green tea recipe
First, put two cups of water in the tea pan and let it boil well then put the green tea in boiling water and let it boil, turn off the gas when it boils and filter the tea in the filler. .

Now add a teaspoon of honey and mix it well.

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