Green tea recipe in English for weight loss | green tea recipes

Green tea recipe in English for weight loss | green tea recipes

Lipton Green Tea Recipe, Lipton Green Tea Ke Fayde: most people in the country start their day with tea or coffee. Tea or Coffee is a better way to relieve fatigue immediately. It is also considered an Instant Energy Drink along with relieving fatigue. Tea weakens the digestive power of our body. Drinking too much leads to gas in the stomach and other stomach ailments or other problems.

Some people consume green tea. It is more expensive than ordinary tea. Drinking it does not harm you, while you may face some problems due to drinking ordinary tea.


Green Tea is an herbal tea, and drinking it can also prevent a lot of stomach ailments. Drinking green tea also reduces obesity.

If you consume green tea every day, this herbal green tea increases stamina in your body.


If you drink green tea instead of Bali tea every day, it will be very beneficial for you. These teas are available in the market as many brands. But the best Lipton is considered to be the company’s Green Tea. Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali green tea is also available in the market.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Lipton Green Tea Ke Fayde | benefits of green tea

The better solution is to lose weight
Green tea contains anti-oxidant ingredients
Drinking green tea helps overcome insomnia
Reduces body fat
Benefits the skin
Drinking it does not cause gas in the stomach
Metabolism fixes the system
Beneficial in relieving stress
Headaches also relax
Eye swelling benefits
Massaging the face with the addition of green tea and white sugar softens the skin
Green tea must be bathed to overcome sunburn

How to Make Green Tea with Tea Bag | how to make Lipton green tea

Ingredients for teabags Bali green tea

Teabags – 1
Hot water-1 cup
Cardamom powder-a pinch (optional)
Honey or sugar-flavored (optional)

Way to make

If you use tea bags to make green tea, make it like this.

Take a tea bag, now take an empty cup and put the teabag in it.

Now grab the pendant of the tea bag and gently slide it into the water. Take out the teabag in 30 seconds when it leaves its color well.

Now your green tea is ready to drink. If desired, you can add cardamom powder and mix well to taste.

Way to drink green tea

Some people drink green tea without sugar. If you like it, you can add sugar or honey to taste and drink it together. Well, without adding anything, it will be more beneficial for you.


Ingredients for making green tea – Ingredients for Green Tea Recipe

Green tea is made in two ways. Using a Tea Bag that we just told you above. Now here’s another way to make green tea with open leaf tea. Green Tea Recipe in English by Sanjeev Kapoor’s style.

To make open leaf Bali green tea you need

Peeled green tea leaves-half a teaspoon
Cardamom powder-a pinch (optional)
Honey or sugar-flavored (optional)
Green Tea Recipe | How to make Green Tea Recipe
To make green tea, first put water in a pan on the gas and put it to boil
When the water boils well, add peeled leaves of green tea to it
Keep in mind that for a cup of tea, you just need to add half a teaspoon of green tea leaves
Cover the pan and let the leaves boil well with water for a total of 2 minutes
Then drain it through a sieve and drain it into a cup
Your green tea is ready to drink
For the test, you can also add honey or sugar to it


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