Green Tea And Honey

Mix green tea with honey and drink

green tea and honey Drinking green tea mixed with honey (Honey) greatly benefits the body. This flushes out the toctic elements of the body and improves digestion. In fact, the vitamins found in caffeine and honey present in green tea revive neurons. Together they burn the fat accumulated in the body. Honey, on the one hand, works by reducing the calories stored in the body, while green tea on the other hand produces energy in the body by increasing the digestive rate.


green tea and honey
green tea and honey

Don’t drink green tea on an empty stomach

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach should be avoided. If you drink green tea on an empty stomach, you may suffer from gas formation. Doctors say that a cup of green tea contains 24-25 mg of caffeine. Even if a person drinks three cups of green tea a day, his body will run out of caffeine so much that he can have problems like restlessness, dizziness, diabetes, diarrhea, insomnia, heartburn. If you have to drink green tea in the morning, you can eat a biscuit with it.

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