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Hey guys I’m talking about the green mask stick. I have one original and another duplicate product. This one I bought from a foreign site. I got it around 3000 INR. But this one I bought from Amazon in 399 INR. I placed the order for this around 1 month ago and it’s been 1 week when I received it. While this product from Amazon, I received within 2 days. : Ofanyia Natural Green Tea Mask Stick Deep Cleansing Oil  Control Anti Acne Moisturizing Refreshing Lazy Solid Mask : Beauty &  Personal Care

All the information mentioned on this box is in Mandarin. While all the information mentioned on this box is in English. Both these products are made in China and both contains 40gm of the product quantity. I have share a review for this product a little while ago where I’ve have seen the results. I really works. all dirt pollution, whiteheads, blackheads in your skin all will come out through this mask. It won’t come in the same manner but it gives you clear skin I got some really good results after using this mask Hence I bought this one from Amazon to find the difference between these two.


This mask makes your skin clear, smooth, detoxify and exfoliate. and there is no side effects of this product on my skin. You can clearly see the difference in outer box. This one is from Amazon and this I bought from a foreign site. Demonstration is given on this box while there is no such kind of demonstration on this box. So this is the difference in outer cover. The good thing is, full ingredient list is mentioned on the product I bought from Amazon. This has total 15 ingredients, while it has 23 ingredients. I have already gone through the ingredient list but it has no harm full chemical in this product as mentioned in other videos. It doesn’t contain any chemical which can cause redness or other severe effect on your skin. I may not work in the same way as you must have seen in viral videos But this product is not at all harmful for you skin Let’s have a look at the inner packaging. I’ve already share a review for this product It comes in this stick kind of packaging and this amazon one also has the similar kind of inner packaging. From inner packaging, it is hard to differentiate the original and the duplicate product.


On Amazon, there are a lot of green stick masks in different prices but they all are same from outside. You can see the clear difference in these two products printing. Both theses has this type of transparent protective lid. In today’s video, I’m going to apply the original one on half of my nose and the other one on another side of my nose. Because nose is the most problematic part on are face. I observed that this mask only work on such problematic areas to bring all the dirt out. However you may not see the dirt particles on clear skin.

Hence we do this comparison only on nose area. and soon you will find out the original and the duplicate one. These masks has creamy consistency. The original one has a weird smell but bearable. it slides like butter on your skin I’ve applied the original product. This product has very fancy packaging and I’ve never used such mask before I don’t know if there are other brands with such stick masks. Now I’m going to apply the Amazon one on other side of my nose. Both these has almost similar kind of smell. You can use your finger to apply this on left over areas.

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