Fitness Routine: Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for 3 Months

Fitness Routine: after 3 months of drinking Green Tea, my skin, hair and stomach have been affected

If you have been drinking green tea for several days and don’t understand the effect, read how it has been after drinking it for three months…


Many times you have to work hard to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Many people say about this healthy lifestyle, many give wishes, but is it so easy to follow all these wishes? If it comes to losing weight, then people do their job very hard. Most people quickly hear from their mouths that you drink green tea. The simple reason for this is that green tea has a lot of benefits and many research has shown it. In this case, if you think that green tea is of benefit or not, I tell you my personal experience. I have tried different variants of green tea since I started drinking it and have not stopped drinking them.

UPDATE: earlier in the same article I told you about my 1 month experience. Now I’m adding my three-month experience to this.
I was among the black coffee drinkers, but she also has the disadvantages of drinking too much so I started drinking green tea. My experience after drinking green tea has been somewhat different. I can definitely say that green tea has a lot of benefits, but it is not a Ram ban.



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disadvantages of green tea

2. Helpful in reducing pimples-

It has been helpful in reducing skin problems. So much so that I understand. I had a lot of reaction to a cream after which there was a slight rash on the face. That has had a slight effect. However, these effects occur gradually. The effect is on. One reason for this is that green tea expels toxins inside the body. It also affects the reaction of something, so I found it beneficial. I had tried many green teas and from that green tea with honey-ginger felt very good. This tea is also good for skin problems.

3. What lowers weight?

Now the biggest thing. Is green-tea helpful in losing weight? This is arguably a big deal because people always think that drinking green tea will work just like magic. But this is not so. In the first month, abdominal fat did not show much effect. Believe me it doesn’t make much difference to be told. It may take several days to consume it continuously, but at the beginning, the effect on losing weight is slow. Maybe there is a change in metabolism so fat is reduced, but so far I think just drinking green-tea will not do much. Exercise is also very important. In the first month I had a weight loss of 900 grams.

In three months, I lost 2.5 kg, but that could be due to my lifestyle because I have even started a little workout. So I can’t even give full credit to green-tea.

The effect of the first and second months was not much, but from the third month I began to understand that there were benefits. I had given up tea-coffee sugar etc. due to drinking green tea and so too maybe weight loss is happening, but it is happening slowly. If I add exercise to my routine along with it, maybe the effect will be quite good.

green tea side effects

4. Stress levels made a difference-
Drinking it has definitely made a difference to the stress level. It feels quite peaceful. I think you should drink it for peace too. I enjoyed drinking it and it gave me quite a unique experience. I tried hibiscus green tea which reduces stress levels.

Yes, I can say that this is a very healthy option and in the rush of today, if anything is done only for a healthy lifestyle, it will seem a lot. Consuming green tea will have a longer effect. Drink different types of green tea. Drinking the same green tea also makes the body immune and reduces the effect. In this case, you can benefit more.

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