Do This Exercise With Chanting ‘oo’ Sitting at Home, Lungs Will Be Strengthened


Health Tips fof Lungs: Corona virus has a rapid effect on the lungs in the body. You also need to be very careful if you have Lungs effects during covid. If you are recovering from corona infection, you must do some exercise to strengthen your lungs. Good nourished food, exercising also strengthens the lungs.

Breathing Exercise Is A Great Way to Develop Lungs
There are also some breathing exercises that are a great way to develop the lungs. Such Exercise improves your muscles as well as increases the capacity of lungs to supply enough oxygen (Oxygen). We need to strengthen our lungs. Experts say that when India is facing oxygen shortage, we have to be vigilant ourselves and try to keep ourselves fit.


Corona affecting respiratory system
Coronavirus is affecting our respiratory system a lot. We have to make a lot of effort on our part to get into the same situation as before. This requires following some techniques. Physiotherapists recommend some exercises that recover our lungs very quickly by doing them 6 to 7 times a day.

Om’s chant ‘Un’
Chanting om is very beneficial for your lungs. By pronouncing ‘oo’, the sansa starts moving faster. Especially by pronouncing it in the open, clean air reaches the body. Take a deep breath and then exhale while chanting ‘Oo’. Keep in mind that you spread your mouth completely while making that sound. It is considered good to pronounce ‘oo’ 5,7,11 and 21 times. Om should be pronounced sitting in Sukhasana, Padmasana and Vrajasana.

In addition to Om, you should do some exercise on the advice of a physiotherapist to make your lungs work as before. We’re telling you some exercises you can do at least 6-7 times a day.

Exercise to strengthen the lungs

Make “O” from lips (purse liped brideing)
You can do these exercises to strengthen the lungs. This helps to open the Lungs. You have to breathe deeply through your lips and nose. Now make O with lips and exhale from your mouth. You can do it as many times as you want. It is a breathing technique that slows down your breath. This allows you to easily control your breath. Do as much as you can, but avoid doing too much.

Good to walk
Walking (walk) is so good for everyone. Walking for the lungs is a good exercise. However, you have to walk keeping in mind the condition of your lungs. You’re recovering right now so you can walk at home a little late in the morning and evening.

This exercise can be a little difficult for you if you have respiratory problems. You have to fill the balloon again and again. But this is a very good exercise for lung recovery.




Breathing Exercise Is A Great Way to Develop Lungs

Om’s chanting is very beneficial for your lungs

Good to walk


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