Be careful if you feel less hungry, these problems may be, learn how to avoid

Be careful if you don’t feel hungry too know here Home remedies to increase appetite brmp | Be careful if you feel less hungry, these problems may be, learn how to avoid

New Delhi: If you are not hungry, this news may be useful for you. People who have an appetite problem, even if they put delicious food in front of them, do not like food. Health experts say that constipation, stomach viruses, eating disorders, eating at the wrong time or at different times can cause loss of appetite.

In this news, we are giving information about the causes and remedies for not feeling hungry. Let us first consider the reasons for the loss of appetite.

In fact, there can be many reasons for not feeling hungry.

If a person is under some stress, he does not feel hungry.
When hormones overflow into one’s body, it can cause loss of appetite.
If there is a chronic disease, it also affects its diet.

Lack of appetite
The problem of loss of appetite is called anorexia. In it, the person may have mental and physical weakness. If a person has a long-term hunger problem, they may lose weight and their bones may become weak.

Important measures to increase appetite

If you also have a problem with loss of appetite, try to eat short meals instead of one whole meal at a time. Divide it three times, it also helps in digestion.
Instead of eating weight gain foods, eat foods that are high in nutrients. It will improve health.
It is said that eating food with everyone makes you feel more hungry and it eats more food. Eating alone can reduce appetite.
Those who have an appetite problem should have breakfast. Because getting up in the morning requires energy leave for the day. Light meals should be taken at night.
Drinking more water removes dirt from the body and keeps the stomach clean, which makes a person feel better. Water is also effective in enhancing the beauty of the skin. Drink at least 5 to 6 liters of water a day.

What to eat when you are not hungry

Pomegranate, Indian gooseberry, cardamom, celery and lemon etc. should be consumed in the absence of hunger. All these things are beneficial for health. By eating them, many nutrients are replenished in the body. It is also important to exercise. It also solves the problem of loss of appetite.

Disclaimer – All health related information given in this article is written for informational purposes. It should not be seen as a treatment or medical advice for any disease. We do not claim that the suggestions made here will be fully effective. Before trying any of the tips or tricks mentioned here, consult a doctor.

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