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What is green tea?

Types of green tea

Benefits of green tea – Benefits of Green Tea

Nutritional content of green tea – Nutritional Value of Green Tea

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Harm of green tea – side Effects of Green Tea

What is green tea?

Before we delve into the benefits of green-tea. We tell our readers about ‘what is green tea’. Green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves of this plant are used in making not only green tea but also other types of tea such as black tea, but green tea has been seen to have the greatest impact on human health. If we talk about green tea and black tea, then even though they come from the same plant, the way of making them is different. To produce green tea fresh leaves are immediately steamed after breaking, so that green tea is well formed. This process preserves natural polyphenols that promote health (1). At the same time, it contains more catechins than black and oolong tea, which is a type of antioxidant (2). Further in the article will be told in detail its medicinal properties and health benefits from it.

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After knowing what green tea is, find out further the types of green tea.

Types of green tea

There are many types of green tea available in the market, but it is not possible to tell about everyone. Therefore, below we are giving information about some types of green-tea.

Jasmine green-T
Moroccan mint green-tea
Gain matcha green-tea
Dragon Well green-tea
Houjicha green-tea
Kukicha green-tea
Sencha green-tea
Gyokuro green-tea
Blue green-T
Matcha green-tea


If there is a dilemma by reading the names of these green-tea, then for information, let us tell you that they will be easily found in the nearest super market or online.

Now comes the turn to learn about the benefits of green tea.

Benefits of green tea – Benefits of Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are many. It may help in controlling obesity and diabetes as well as may be somewhat helpful in protecting against the risk of a deadly disease like cancer (2). The benefits of green tea can be effective for internal health as well as skin and hair. Below is explained in detail the physiological benefits from green tea.

Read below about the benefits of green tea for health.

1. Benefits of green tea for losing weight

Green-tea can be beneficial in losing weight. The anti-oxidant contained in it can help lose weight by increasing metabolism. According to a research published on the NCBI (the National Center for Biotechnology Information) website, moderate intensity exercise along with drinking green tea can work to promote fat oxidation (fat burning), which can help control obesity (3). In addition, consumption of a mixture of catechins and caffeine present in green tea in another study may show a somewhat positive effect in losing weight and keeping weight balanced (4). For more information on this, readers can also read our article on green tea for weight loss.


At the same time, according to another research, the weightloss effect of green tea has been found to be significantly lower in obese individuals (5). In this case, it is not advisable to rely solely on green tea to lose weight, but it is also important to have the right diet, regular exercise and yoga along with it.

2. Benefits of drinking green tea for the brain

Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for the brain. In fact, a research on the subject has revealed that green tea can improve brain function while reducing anxiety. In addition, it can also exhibit positive effects in increasing concentration. Research has shown that caffeine and L-theanine (L-theanine – a type of chemical) present in Green may have a combined effect behind all these benefits (5). In this case, it can be consumed in balanced quantities.


3. Benefits of green tea for mouth health

Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for mouth health. Its consumption can prevent mouth infections. According to an Indian study green tea catechins,P. Gingivalis (P. gingivalis) and other similar bacteria such as Prevotella Intermedia and Prevotella nigrescens from growing (6). All of these bacteria can affect mouth health.

In addition, another research found that green tea can control bacterial plaque and prevent tooth decay. Polyphenols in green tea can act as anti-plaque agents to prevent plaque from settling in the mouth (7). Rinsing the mouth with green tea can be quite beneficial, but it is better to consult a doctor once.

4. The benefits of green tea for diabetes

The benefits of drinking green tea also include prevention of diabetes. Indeed, in a study conducted in Japan it was found that individuals who consumed six or more cups of green tea per day had a 33% lower risk of Type 2 diabetes compared to people who drank less than one cup of green tea per day (8).

In addition, studies on mice showed that consumption of green tea can improve insulin sensitivity (when insulin effectively converts blood glucose into energy). At the same time, it can protect against insulin resistance (Insulin resistance – when cells do not respond to insulin, which increases blood sugar levels) and hyperglycemia (hyperglycemia – increased glucose in the blood). In simple terms, green tea has anti-diabetic properties, which can reduce the risk of diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels (2).


5. The benefits of green-tea for cholesterol

According to a report by Harvard Medical School, green tea can reduce levels of harmful cholesterol, which increases the risk of developing heart disease (9). At the moment, most studies have been conducted on capsules containing catechins (polyphenols present in green tea). Further research is needed directly on how beneficial this will be.

6. Benefits of green tea to improve immunity

Consumption of green tea can also help improve immunity. It can help strengthen the body’s immune system as well as protect the body from free radicals (10).

7. The benefits of green tea for Alzheimer’s

Consumption of green-tea can also reduce the risk of many mental illnesses. Alzheimer’s is one of the same diseases. In this disease day by day a person’s memory begins to weaken and the ability to make decisions also decreases. In this case, green tea can be consumed to prevent this disease (11). The polyphenols contained in it, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, may benefit in this work. At the moment, research is needed (12).


8. The benefits of green tea for cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, polyphenols (catechins) are responsible for the anti-cancer properties of tea. The most reliable of these is EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). This, can fight free radicals and protect cells from DNA damage. Polyphenols present in green tea can also cure the immune system process (13).

According to another animal study, green tea can help prevent the risk of certain types of cancer (lung, skin, breast, liver, stomach and intestine). Green tea can also help prevent the spread of cancer cells(2) (14) (15)। Also we can not ignore that cancer is a serious disease. It is not right to just rely on home remedies to treat it. For this, proper medical treatment should be the first priority, as a home remedy can only relieve the symptoms of cancer to some extent.


9. Benefits of drinking green tea for blood pressure

Green tea can also be beneficial for blood pressure. Indeed, consumption of green tea can reduce blood pressure according to research published on the NCBI website (16). At the same time, according to another research, in overweight and obese adults, green tea or GTE (GTE – green tea extract) supplementation has been found to cause a small, but significant decrease in BP (17). At the moment, further studies are still needed on this topic. If someone is consuming it for the first time, definitely seek medical advice once. Also, if someone has low blood pressure problems, it is only good to refrain from consuming green tea.


10. Green tea for gastrointestinal disorders

Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for gastrointestinal disorders (stomach or digestive problems). One study revealed that catechins contained in green tea are well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and may aid disease-fighting action. As such, green tea can be included in daily life to prevent gastrointestinal disorders (18).

11. Benefits of drinking green tea for bones

Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for bones. Behind this may be the bioactive compounds present in green tea. Indeed, its consumption can reduce the risk of fractures by improving bone mineral density. On the other hand, it can improve osteoblastic activity (Osteoblastic activity – bone formation process) by reducing osteoclastic activity (19). Research on mice showed that green tea polyphenols could reduce the risk of bone loss due to inflammation and oxidative stress. At the moment, most of the results are based on studies conducted on animals, further research is still needed to know its better effects on the human being (20).


12. Benefits of green tea for longevity

The benefits of green tea are numerous, longevity is also one of the same benefits. Green tea can protect against many diseases by increasing immunity. As we mentioned above, green tea can be helpful in preventing diseases like bone problems, cancer and diabetes. At the same time, on the other hand according to an American study caffeine intake can also cause many physical problems. According to research excessive consumption of caffein can cause sleep problems, restlessness, lack of calcium in the body, and also increase the risk of fractures (21) (22). On this basis, it is currently difficult to say clearly whether green tea is helpful in aging. In this case, it can simply be hypothesized that a limited amount of it can help reduce the risk of diseases, which can help in aging.


13. The benefits of green tea for the heart

According to a report from Harvard Medical School, green-tea can be beneficial for the heart. Consuming it can also prevent heart disease. A study conducted on 40,530 Japanese adults found that individuals who drank more than five cups of green tea per day had a 26 percent risk of death from a heart attack or stroke and a 16 percent lower risk of death from all other causes (23) than individuals who consumed one cup of green tea daily. On the other hand, a study found that catechins contained in tea can reduce the risk of a disease such as atherosclerosis. At the moment, further research is still needed on this topic (24).

14. Benefits of drinking green-tea under stress

A study conducted on mice found that the polyphenols content in green-tea produced antidepressant effects (25). Its antidepressant properties may prove beneficial in stress situations. Caffeine in green tea, on the other hand, can also play an important role in treating stress. Consumption of low-caffeinated green tea can relieve stress problems to some extent (26) (27). At the moment, further scientific studies are needed in this regard.

15. The benefits of green tea for the skin

Along with health, green tea also has benefits for the skin. Animal studies have shown that consumption or use of green tea extract may reduce the risk of skin tumors due to harmful ultraviolet rays. It also has antiinflammatory properties, which can act just like anticancer. The polyphenols in it epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG, epigallocatechin-3-gallate) may be responsible for this.

The research showed the protective effects of EGCG on oxidative stress caused by UVB (Ultraviolet Radiation) when it was used on the skin of mice. Let oxidative stress negatively affect the skin. However, very little human study has been done to know its better effects on humans, so further research is still needed on this topic (2).

Green Tea How to use

Put a green tea bag in a quarter cup of cold water for about five minutes.
Take out the tea bag when the time is up and add two teaspoons of rose water to the green tea water.
Now use this mixed water with the help of cotton to clean the face before bedtime.
The remaining water can be stored in the fridge for next use.
16. Benefits of green-tea for hair

Green tea can also be beneficial for hair. A research from the University of medical and science (Los Angeles) showed hair regrowth when mice were given green tea polyphenol extract in water. At the same time, mice that were just given water did not see any improvement in hair growth (28). However, this test has been done on animals and further studies are still needed to know how much impact it can have on humans. Green tea for hair can be used as described below.

Green Tea How to use

Put three to four green-tea bags in half a liter of water.
Take out the green tea-bags after five to ten minutes.
Wash hair with green-tea water after shampoo and conditioner.
This procedure can be repeated two to three times a week.

Now know about the nutrients present in green tea.

ग्रीन टी के पौष्टिक तत्व – Nutritional Value of Green Tea in Hindi

Below we are sharing the list of nutrients present in green tea for readers ‘ information(29)।

पोषक तत्व प्रति
पानी 99.93 ग्राम
एनर्जी 1 केसीएल
प्रोटीन 0.22 ग्राम
आयरन 0.02 मिलीग्राम
मैग्नीशियम 1 मिलीग्राम
पोटेशियम 8 मिलीग्राम
सोडियम 1 मिलीग्राम
जिंक 0.01मिलीग्राम
कॉपर 0.004 मिलीग्राम
मैंगनीज 0.184 मिलीग्राम
थियामिन 0.007 मिलीग्राम
राइबोफ्लेविन 0.058 मिलीग्राम
नियासिन 0.03 मिलीग्राम
विटामिन बी -6 0.005 मिलीग्राम
कैफीन 12 मिलीग्राम

After learning about the benefits and nutrients of green tea, it is now the turn to learn about the recipe for green tea. How to make green tea is very easy and in this part of the article we are trying to give information about this.

Green Tea Recipe – How to Prepare Green Tea

The recipe for making green tea is very easy, find out below how to make green tea easily.

1. Leafy green-tea recipe


A teaspoon of green tea leaves
Tea strainer
A cup of water

Method of preparation:

First place the tea strainer on the cup.
Now put green tea leaves in this strainer and pour hot water on top.
Then slightly press the green-tea leaves with the help of a spoon.
Be careful not to press the leaves too much, otherwise the tea may be bitter.
You can also add a little honey to green tea.
2. Green tea recipe with tea bags

Green Tea How to use Ingredients:

A green – tea bag
A cup of hot water

Method of preparation:

Soak a bag of green-tea in a cup of warm water for one to two minutes.
Remove the tea bag when the time is up.
Add honey to taste, mix and consume it.
3. Powdered green-tea recipe


Half or a teaspoon of green-tea powder
A cup of water
A spoonful of honey

Method of preparation:

Boil water in a pot and leave to cool for a few seconds.
Now add half or a teaspoon of green-tea powder.
Leave it to dissolve in water for three to five minutes.
Once the time is up, filter it with a tea strainer.
Add honey to taste and consume.

After knowing how to make green tea, know further how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

The right time to drink green tea – When to Drink Green Tea

There is no scientific evidence regarding the right time to drink green tea. It is estimated that the time to drink green tea can be good after breakfast or lunch. Avoid drinking green tea on an empty stomach, as doing so can cause stomach problems. The time to drink green tea at night may not be right, because it contains caffeine, which can promote insomnia (30). Moreover, not everyone has the same body, so the timing and amount of intake may vary. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor or specialist about this.

Find out more about some of the discussed green tea brands.

Best green tea brands-Top Green Tea Brands

Below we are giving information about some good green tea brands.

1.Lipton green tea



Speaking of green tea, Lipton is a well-known brand. It is available in every pack, small and large. If one wants to consume green tea for the first time one can take a small pack of it, which is in the budget. The company claims that this tea can be beneficial for heart health and skin.


It is in the budget.
Zero calories.
This is vegetarian.


Green tea leaves in tea bags have a low content.
Its taste may seem artificial to some people.

Buy from here

2.Organic India



The Organic India brand brings the green tea of a mixture of basil, lemon and ginger. It is known to almost everyone that Basil is one of the very beneficial herbs. The company claims that this green tea contains plenty of powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants, which can be helpful in protecting the body from free radical damage. Also, its intake can help prevent heart diseases and improve the immune system as well as detoxify the body. It can be consumed after eating lunch.


It tastes good.
Hot or ice tea can be made from it.
Its consumption after lunch can be beneficial for digestion.


This can cause acidity.

Buy from here

3. Girnar detox green tea desi Kahwa


What is on your side? / Indian spices in mint green tea Popular tags: I need a drink in a cup of water, a cup of water, and a drink for a minute. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Remove from T bagel and enjoy tea


Isika packs available in discrete time
Spicy and strong fragrance


Stories of sodium
Get help for people with high blood loss

Buy from here

4. Typhoon green tea



This green tea brand is a 100-year-old iconic British brand. The company claims that it contains sugar, preservatives and no artificial flavors. This unique type is rich in catechins and also contains powerful antioxidants.


It does not have any kind of preservative.
It does not contain sugar.
No artificial flavors of any kind in it.
May be helpful in maintaining metabolism.


Its taste is quite mild.

Buy from here

5. टेटली ग्रीन टी लेमन एंड हनी

Tetley is also a well-known brand. Its flavors include lemon and honey, ginger, mint and lemon and many other similar blends. Its honey and lemon blend flavor is a much-loved flavour. This green tea is also available in small packs, so it is budget. Also it is easily available and it is also quite easy to make.


May be helpful in maintaining metabolism and immunity.
Easily market and available online.
It also tastes quite good.
This is green tea vegetarian.


Excessive consumption can cause acidity problems.

Buy from here

Benefits of green tea as well as green tea side effects can occur. Next we are telling about the same in detail.

Harm of green tea – side Effects of Green Tea

Green tea benefits are many, but there are also some disadvantages to consuming more of it. Find out below about green tea side effects, knowing which green tea drinking abstinence can be adopted (31) (32) (33)।

Consumption of green tea can cause stomach pain, nausea and liver problems.
Caffeine is present in green tea, so excessive consumption can cause insomnia, headaches, tremors and anxiety.
Green tea contains an element called Tannic Acid, which can cause stains in teeth.
Be sure to seek medical advice before consuming green tea during pregnancy. It contains caffeine and consuming more than 300 mg of caffeine during pregnancy can extend the duration of pregnancy.

You can read our ‘harm of drinking excessive green tea‘ article for more information related to harm of green tea.

After knowing the benefits of green tea, drinking it is something else to enjoy. Those who have not yet included it in their diet can start drinking it anytime. However, there are also disadvantages of green tea due to excessive consumption, so individuals should only consume it in limited quantities, keeping their health in mind. In addition, readers also note that the benefits of drinking green tea can help reduce the effects of the problems mentioned above to some extent, but green tea is not a medical cure for any disease. Hopefully this article will prove beneficial for you.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of drinking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning?

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning can help control the promise (3).

Can I drink green tea before bedtime?

No, green tea contains caffeine and can reduce sleep (34).

Can drinking green tea improve sexual ability?

Yes, drinking green tea can improve sexual ability. It can help increase sexual desire in men (35).


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